Change the Job Search Game: Be Your Own Recruiter

Written by Delia Căluşer — Career Coach and Job Search Strategist

Job seekers often complain that the hiring process today has become more difficult and time-consuming. I used to work as a recruiter and I emphasize a lot with them. Their struggle is real. Many people around the world contact me because they are looking for a solution to their desperate search.

Why not be your own recruiter next time? Careersaas offers you the opportunity to change the hiring game.

Looking for a job or internship in your area? Or simply enjoy working remotely? Do you spend hours on job boards, company websites or social media looking for work or career tips?

Just go to to see what the future of recruitment looks like.

A targeted job search has never been easier. Instead of visiting hundreds of company websites every day to see the latest jobs or updates, you will find it all here. Top employers like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. are just a click away showcasing their career opportunities. Add these target companies to your favourites list and receive notifications whenever a job matching your career plans is posted.

Great help for job seekers is the statistics on the roles they are looking for. The average salary included here helps many job seekers identify their proper value in the job market. That is also a piece of crucial information to begin financial negotiations with potential employers during the interview. Many job seekers fall into the trap of accepting a lower-paying offer which will lead to career regrets.

Looking for career guidance and job search tools?

Careersaas is the right place for you. In the career advice noise out there, you should only trust professional guidance if you want to get hired faster. I have seen some brilliant points here on career transition, LinkedIn, personal branding, resume writing, etc. presented by professionals in different industries. I work as a Job Search & LinkedIn Coach, and I can say that the perspective is correct. It is necessary to understand the modern trends in recruitment. Hiring today is not what it was a decade ago or even three years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a list of internal recruiters based on my previous job searches on the platform. Not all recruiters publish their email addresses due to the high volume of incoming messages with job inquiries. Job seekers complain that searching for these email addresses takes a lot of effort — often they don’t get any results at all. That’s all over now because you can find out which internal recruiter you’re looking for with just one click. Following-up on your applications has never been easier.

All job seekers around the world know by now that networking is key in accessing the hidden job market and getting referrals for a job. Easier said than done! Searching for industry events is time-consuming, but thanks to Careersaas, you can get now a better overview. Book in your calendar those events which are more likely to boost your job search and bring you in front of the decision-makers. Never underestimate the power of networking.

I wish I had access to a platform like this years ago when I was job hunting. With Careersaas, you have a great advantage. Use it and find your dream job.