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The average salary for a particular career changes constantly, and our algorithm that extracts data from multiple sources is duly doing the same. We aggregate data from five separate sources, for thousands of different careers, ensuring that our users have the full picture.

Careersaas Salary Data

Scour data from over 50,000 different careers in our database, from 15 different countries. For a job seeker, you can use this data to determine wage levels, identifying potential salary trends and also setting yourself a basic expectation. This data is crucial for you, either before taking a role or prior to negotiating a bump in salary for your current position.

What's your earning potential?

Renumeration specialists and managers sample Careersaas data to define and determine a fair and competitive salary for their own staff, and our users can do the same. It’s important that you know how much you are worth in the market – before you take a role – and using Careersaas data as a benchmark will help you make those all important decisions.

International benchmarks

Data from other countries is also equally important – helping candidates decipher in which parts of the world a particular career is “booming”. Expatriates can refer to our salary models to understand local demand for certain roles and gender equality pay. We conduct salary surveys with numerous companies in a given employment sector or industry to help determine pay levels for specific classifications.