5 Mistakes Candidates Make In Their Job Interview And How Careersaas Can Help

Sometimes finding a new role can become a numbers game. And sometimes you get an interview straight away! Careersaas lets you focus on the roles you want, and apply direct to the company, so if you haven’t interviewed for a while, or you’re not having much luck in the interviews you’ve been getting, here’s 5 mistakes to avoid:

  1. Research Research Research — Companies, and interviewers, expect you to know their business inside out before you even join. If you haven’t done your homework on the products, geographies and personnel across the business, don’t be surprised if you get caught out. Also check out who the competition is! Careersaas makes this simple — we show you who the competition is, links to the companies site and relevant news on the companies so you can explore at ease!
  2. Understanding how the Role fits into the bigger picture — The role your interviewing for will fit into the company ecosystem and showing you understand where the role fits will earn kudos at interview. Adaptability and communication skills are the top 2 traits companies are looking for right now, whatever the position, so make sure you have viewed the bigger picture. Careersaas lists every live job advert across the business, and provides a list of interesting personnel working at the company — so you can make any additional searches you need nice and simple!
  3. Answering the question your asked, and not the question you wished you were asked — Rushing into an interview, however well prepared you are, has its pitfalls and many candidates let their nerves get the better of them. Take your time, relax and enjoy the interview. There’s a reason you’ve been called for the interview, so make the most of it. We have a ton of articles on how to interview well in the Careersaas learning hub!
  4. Understanding what the role entails — Job descriptions can be incredibly bland, over complicated or sparse with detail. Many candidates fail to research what other companies require from similar positions and roles, and this can really give you the edge in interview if the jobs description sucks. Careersaas has millions of roles globally, and the AI helps you keep up to date with the everchanging job titles with the same responsibilities — and our in depth career guide gives a great understanding of both job titles and career progression!
  5. Putting too much pressure on yourself in the interview — Many candidates in interview feel like this may be the only opportunity you will get for that dream role. Many may put all the proverbial eggs in one basket. Its important to understand that there are thousands of “perfect roles” out there. And yes, you guessed it, we have them all at Careersaas, so don’t stress from the interview and check out all your options.