10 Reasons you need Careersaas for your job search

Careersaas has been described by users as personal CRM for finding your next role, whether its your first step on to the career ladder or you’re considering a refresh on your professional journey, there truly is nothing else like it.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Thank you, Einstein. Profound and applicable to most things frustrating in life. Careersaas was created to offer an alternative to the broken structure of finding a new role. How are we different?

  1. Apply direct to companies — Our technology removes roles once companies have completed the recruitment process so you won’t apply for a “deadwood” job advert
  2. No Recruiters — Avoid applying to the same job 4 or 5 times just via different avenues and truly control where your CV goes
  3. Staying ahead of the competition — The jobs we have available in our hub come direct from the businesses before they go anywhere else so you can truly be one of the first to apply. Track roles and companies and get immediate notifications as soon as a new relevant role is posted for you
  4. Information is power — our hub brings all the relevant information into one place so you can easily search, scroll and discover all the jobs, career paths and relevant company information you might need
  5. Information is power (part 2 )— almost every part of our hub is clickable, so you never get lost on google or the noisy LinkedIn, again. Navigate to companies career pages, job descriptions, our AI suggestions and more immediately
  6. Data Driven search — Our analytics is deep, yet precise. You can see when the best time is to apply to companies throughout their hiring trajectory, what jobs are in demand (and hot!)
  7. Get the help you need — Our AI is designed to compliment your search, not confuse it. Whether that’s recommended roles, suggesting companies that are relevant you didn’t know existed or more, explore the features now
  8. Contacting Internal Recruiters — check out our extensive network of internal recruiters and contact them directly to check in your application
  9. Search around you and internationally — We’ve mapped out where the roles are so you can search by geographic location and discover businesses you didn’t realise were so close to home that are hiring
  10. Remote Work — We are officially number 1 for finding non-freelance remote work online. If you love working remotely and want to have start up remote work, or enterprise remote work, log in today

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