Will the landscape of Remote Work change now the COVID-19 Vaccine is being rolled out?

Back in March the world, as we knew it, completely changed and the UK along with so many other countries went into lockdown, due to a spread in Coronavirus. We were all told to stay home to save lives and as a result the work place also went remote. People started working from their bedrooms, kitchens and anywhere they could find to escape the chaos of suddenly having everyone at home.

Jobs that had never been done at home before needed to become remote and companies pulled out all the stops to try to adapt and change, because although we didn’t know it in the beginning the traditional work place wasn’t going to be the same again for a long while. Careersaas has seen an increase in Remote Jobs over the last 9 months across a multitude of sectors. With people’s minds now opened up to the prospect of working from home and companies not being able to bring their workforce back into the office the world of remote work has had an upward trend.

But today marked the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine in the UK and perhaps some hope that we might be able to get back to some sort of normality in the not too distant future. Once the vulnerable and key workers have had the COVID-19 vaccine, will there start to be a shift of roles moving away from being remote and back to the office? Will the initial novelty of basking in the glorious weather we had at the beginning dwindle now that the nights are long and the days are cold? Has the loneliness kicked in and will the prospect of being back with colleagues mean that people will actually want to make a full time return to the office?

The COVID-19 vaccine whether you will want to have it or not, paves the way to being able to move forwards; but have people worked remotely for too long and will they struggle with the rigidity of going back to the workplace full time? With companies already not renewing their office rental, it looks like some employees won’t have the option to go back to the office and will still be working remotely far into the future. Other companies are already looking to scale down their offices so that more people can have a split between working remotely and in the office. Others are ready to pull their entire workforce back as soon as they possibly can. The future is still uncertain when it comes to what the landscape will look like for the workforce going forwards but at least with the 1st COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out we might be able to make our own choices rather than being dictated to by lockdowns and tier systems.

Careersaas currently has one of the largest number of remote roles online, and will be sure to keep monitoring the trends so see how the workplace will be reacting after such a monumental day. The numbers have been on a steady increase so far, but is the tide about to turn? Or will today propel the incentive for people to find alternative jobs where they can still work remotely? Once you are signed up with Careersaas you can see how friendly different companies are to remote working with a WFH (work from home) rating score, which will change inline with their flexibility going forwards.

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