Setting up Instant Alerts in Careersaas

Careersaas has an instant alert email service when jobs are found near to your physical location, letting you focus on other tasks as opposed to searching for new positions everyday.

To activate Careersaas alerts, you need to register for an account and ensure you enter your valid email address.

Career Search

Once signed in, head over to the Career Search page, search for a career and click Email Alerts.

You can select multiple Careers and we will keep you informed whenever a position is posted on the Internet relevant to your location and preferred job title.

You can specify how often you receive emails, too!

Configuring Mail Settings

A daily report sends you a summary of jobs, an instant alert emails you as soon as we’ve found the role!

Daily Report: Once per day you are able to receive an email message from Careersaas with all of the positions found during the last 24 hours

Instant Alerts: Email — as soon as we find the position! Beat the competition and let your application be amongst the first in the recruiter’s inbox.

Job Expiry Alert: once a position is filled (and you have saved the position to your Tracker in the Application), we’ll send you a quick email to let you know.