Using Careersaas to identify your next career

LinkedIn is still today the primary means of locating a new job on the Internet. Whilst LinkedIn has reasonably good search functionality for locating roles that are “similar to” a certain job title, in my experience, LinkedIn does not always tick all boxes.

When building Careersaas, we approached this in a very different way, ensuring that within our job and remote job searches, we built an entirely new algorithm that extends beyond user’s original search terms in order to locate positions that are titled differently.

When searching for a job in 2018 as an Engineering Lead, I was disappointed to see that a great role that seemed a perfect fit for me as an Infrastructure Engineering Manager slipped by, simply because my search terms were wrong. I felt thatI had some of the requirements needed for the job – I’d even known the hiring manager responsible for the role — the problem was that LinkedIn didn’t identify the position in my searches. How could it be, that LinkedIn knew all of my skills, my experience and my current role, but their technology could not find job titles that were titled slightly differently?

Since day 1 at Careersaas, this is a problem that we set out to solve. Careersaas users making use our job and remote search functionality will notice that we invisibly extend search terms to match similar careers, giving you a broader picture of what is available the job market. Not only that, we have also repurposed this technology and built a fully fledged Career search platform so that you can go and seek those titles yourself.

How to use Career Search

On the Careersaas platform, click “Careers” in the menu bar. When you load this page for the first time, Careersaas will select a career at random. Please note, that user personality preferences configured at signup are utilised when choosing a career at random.

The search box on the left hand side provides an interactive search, so try to type a few characters such as “Software” to see some careers in that space that we have in our database.

As you will see in our Facilities Manager search above, on the right hand side, we have located a handful of roles that are similar to that career search. This is also what we would present to you in your job search if you ran a direct Facilities Manager query within the job search platform.

Receive Email Alerts when jobs are found near you

Clicking the “Enable email alerts” button will enable functionality that identifies roles within your local geographic area, and Careersaas will send you an email as soon as a position is found or posted on the Internet. Effectively, Careersaas is monitoring the job market 24/7 for you as soon as a Career of that type is found near you.

You can access this page through clicking “Alerts” at the top right hand corner of the Careersaas application.

Tracking a career over time

Much like companies grow, as do careers and the number of positions within each. Careersaas has built functionality that lets you track this change over time, helping users stay on top of recent hiring trends. As you can see in the role below, an increase of 139% from last week to this has been found and presented in the graph.

We see this technology to be crucial when there are constantly rapid changes within the job market, including current climate and other external factors. Many of our users appreciate this data during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as they can identify jobs that are impacted by shifts within the market.

Our intuitive platform also tells a user just how long a Career normally stays open for, before it is either filled or closed.

How to access Careersaas

Careersaas is a free platform focusing primarily on remote jobs and internships.

If you would like to view our platform for yourself, head over to, or if you’d just like to learn a little bit more about our company, please visit