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What is Careersaas?

Careersaas is an online job search, with specific focus on Remote Work as well as one of the most comprehensive job databases on the Internet. Careersaas is free to use.

What does the premium service entitle me to?

Whilst our free service gives you access to unlimited search for Careers, Companies, Jobs, Recruiters and Events — we also offer a Premium user service that entitles our users to Analytics and Trends.

What does Career Search do in comparison to Job Search?

With Careersaas, we’re all about giving our customers the ability to choose a career, not just find a job. A career search helps to identify similar jobs with different Career titles, a real challenge for those who use standard search to find work.

How many jobs does your site have?

Our site currently has over 1.5 million jobs in the database.

Where do you find jobs from?

Careersaas has created several different tools to enable us to scrape jobs from company corporate sites, as well as several well known applicant tracking systems (ATS).

How do I get in touch with the Careersaas team?

Simply click the Contact Us button as found on our corporate website.

Where are your offices located?

Our headquarters is in London, United Kingdom.


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How do I upgrade to the premium package?

There is a button in the platform at the top of the screen from where you can upgrade to the Premium package. This is currently charged on a monthly basis, and will include new features over time.

What is the key difference between Basic and Premium?

We currently offer analytics and trends from our Premium package, but the Basic tool will still provide users with the ability to job, intern and remote work search; as well as having access to our full career and company database.

How do I manage payment settings?

You can click “My Subscription” under the user icon in the Careersaas Application.


Ask questions about Careersaas Memberships

How do I disable email originating from Careersaas?

To disable any email, you should use the settings page within Careersaas and turn off the appropriate checkbox.

How do I change the timing of my daily email report?

To change the time of your report, you can simply select a better time from the drop down box in the Careersaas settings page.

How do I manage payment settings?

You can click “My Subscription” under the user icon in the Careersaas Application.

What is an instant alert?

When Careersaas finds a job near to a user, we can notify by email. This is a really useful way to stay ahead of the competition and identify jobs prior to fellow candidates.